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Super Stock Spiral Custom 8mm Black Wire

Spark Plug Wires, SpiralCore, Set, Black 90deg Boot

ACCEL Performance
Supplier : ACCEL Performance
Part Number : 5051K
Barcode : 743047760529
ERP Code : ACC-0344

ACCEL SuperStock Spiral Core Spark Plug Wire Sets are a true performance upgrade for tired old OE wires on Buicks, Pontiacs, and Oldsmobiles with HEI ignitions. Engineered specifically for high-performance street use, these black 8mm wire sets deliver maximum spark energy to the plugs and create a longer-lasting, hotter flame kernel, quicker throttle response, and reduced emissions. High-gloss 550-degree-rated double-silicone construction eliminates arcing and resists heat, petrochemicals, and moisture, and an all-Kevlar stranded inner core and fiberglass braiding provide added pull strength and better terminal retention. These wires have just 500 ohms per foot of resistance, eliminate RFI, include stainless steel terminals for unsurpassed electrical conductivity, and come with matching black plug boots.

Official ACCEL Performance Distributor
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The Accel SuperStock Spiral product line features color-matched wire and spark plug boots in red, black, and blue (yellow available but not with matched boots). At only 500 ohms/foot resistance, more ignition energy can reach the spark plug to produce a hotter, longer-lasting spark flame kernel. The result is higher performance through improved efficiency, quicker throttle response, and reduced emissions. The double silicone construction of Accel 8mm Spark Plug Wires is rated to 550° F. High-gloss wire jackets resist moisture, chemicals, and heat extremes for longer life and great looks. Fiberglass braid adds greater pull strength and terminal retention while stainless steel spark plug terminals provide corrosion resistance, longevity, and excellent electrical conductivity. Both custom and universal applications available for many vehicles.


  • 8mm HEI/non-HEI street applications
  • High-temp silicone jackets resist moisture, chemicals, and severe temperatures (rated to 550° F)
  • High-strength fiberglass braid for added pull strength
  • Silicone insulation eliminates arcing
  • Stainless steel plug terminals for high electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance
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